Aftermarket 4WD accessories are the things many off-road enthusiasts think of investing in after the “new car” smell has worn off. Shopping online for 4WD accessories is a heart-beating experience for many 4WD owners.

While a 4WD is a great vehicle already, adding in some 4WD accessories is the thing that takes it to another level. Improving the capabilities of the 4WD and making it look great as well are the things that make the addition of 4WD accessories so popular among the owners.

What, then, are the highly popular 4WD accessories every owner needs to think about?


4WD Awnings

One of the most popular accessories when it comes to pure leisure while camping is an awning. The pegs or poles used for extending the awning from the side of the roof rack provide instant wind protection and shade. Relaxing while camping is achieved with the use of an awning.

Nudge Bars

Road obstacles are often things you can’t avoid when going off-road. Hitting or bumping something unexpectedly prevents damage with the installation of bull bars and nudge bars. The engine is protected when a nudge bar is installed on the front of the vehicle.

Suspension Kits

The performance of the vehicle gets a boost with the installation of a suspension lift. The taller ride provided by the suspension protects the underbody of the vehicle. The greater clearance given by the suspension lift makes steep climbs and descents easier to drive.

Underbody Armour

Debris and rocks pepper unpredictable and rough terrain. The underbody of your 4WD gets a beating when the tyres kick up stones and rocks on the road.  Underbody armour offers the best solution for protecting the sump and radiator of the vehicle.

Recovery Gear

The recovery gear is a must-have for every 4WD. Storing recovery gear such as winch extension straps, recovery ropes, and recovery tracks in the body of the vehicle offers the best way to get out of sticky situations.


Snorkels are essential 4WD accessories when you want dangerous, dirty, and wet driving experiences. The bonnet space and engine are protected from debris, dirt, and water when you have snorkels in place. Having a snorkel placed in the 4WD allows you to drive through unsealed roads, river crossings, and sandy drives without fear.


Sundown, dusk, or dawn off-road travelling needs spotlights for spotting wildlife as they cross the road. Seeing far into the distance is a feature provided by installing powerful spotlights on your vehicle. An LED light bar offers another good alternative when it comes to lighting.

Portable Generators

Keeping all your devices powered up is the best way to stay safe. Investing in a portable generator ensures that all devices in the vehicle are powered up during off-road trips.

Long-Range Fuel Tank

Running out of gas is not a situation to be in when travelling in remote places. The deepest part of the bush will not have a gasoline station. Installing a long-range fuel tank makes sure that you will never run out of gas.

UHF Radio and Satellite Phone

Outback doesn’t have any phone reception. Getting stranded in the bush can become a real emergency when you don’t have UHF radio and satellite phones to call for help. Keeping communication lines open when travelling in a convoy is also helped by a satellite phone.


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